"Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions will be marching Jan. 20 to protest the election of Donald Trump and sound a loud warning that we will not be silent during his four years... The good news is that, with such a clear majority, our efforts to neutralize the forces of evil now assembling in Trump Tower can turn the tide. We need to show constant, visible opposition to what Trump has promised." ~ Stephen Bingham, San Rafael

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Rapid Response Training

rapid response Rapid Response Network

The trainings will be as follows:
Thursday, July 27th
5:00-6:30 PM     Rapid Responders & Legal Observers Training

  • These people go out to a specified area within Marin when ICE activity is reported to help verify the activity and if so, document as a legal observer
  • General volunteers, US citizens preferred

7:00-8:00 PM     Coalition Leaders Training*

  • These are the people who will be helping to supervise and lead the rapid response network in Marin, including coordinating rapid response volunteers and hotline dispatchers
  • Ideally will attend all 3 trainings

Monday, August 7th
5:00-8:00 PM     Hotline Dispatchers Training

  • These people will be answering the rapid response hotline for reports of ICE raids, communicating with affected community members who call in as well as rapid responders who will go out to where the reported immigration enforcement action is occurring
  • Must be bilingual

Training Location:
3240 Kerner Blvd., Room 109 and Room 110

San Rafael, CA 94901


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