The County of Marin's invitation and appeal to residents of color to volunteer to be a part of its Equity Planning Committee. The original requests made by residents of color were:

Residents of Color Requests

A formation of an ACCOUNTABILITY board

Active membership of 1-2 Board of Supervisors to serve on the board

No participation of county-funded non profit agencies to eliminate conflict of interests

Two-year term to maintain consistency

Marin County Response:

A formation of a PLANNING committee

NO Board of Supervisor direct involvement on the planning serve on the board

Include two (2) nonprofit organizations to be a part of the planning committee

One-year term


1. To be used as a token person of color with no meaningful and actual power to "help" the County actually implement its 6-year old Race Equity Plan Initiative that have not been adequately fulfilled.

2. To be used as a political tool and public relations marketing campaign poster child for a small few and predominantly white decisions makers who will make actual decisions behind closed doors without accountability and transparency..

3. To create the illusion and delusion that your participation and voice actually matters when it does not because you do not have decision-making powers.

4. Will be a complete waste of your valuable time, talents and skills in a planning committee that will typically and most likely lead to another several years of planning processes, more surveys, more trainings, more powerpoint presentations and education, which will end in more false hopes and broken promises.

For more information, contact: Coalition of People of Color for Government Accountability and Transparency. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.