By Steve Saxe and Wendi Kallins

A recent Marin Voice claimed that our streets are congested because neighboring counties don’t provide enough jobs to keep their own residents employed, specifically citing Sonoma County.

The truth is that over 80 percent of Sonoma County residents are employed within their own county. Other percentages are even more telling: 91 percent of Sonoma County’s jobs are filled by Sonoma County residents, while only 38 percent of Marin’s jobs are held by people who live here, simply because the cost of housing in Marin is prohibitive, while most of our jobs pay low- to middle-income wages.

As long as we demand the services our commuters provide, and we no doubt will continue to do so, workers will commute in.

Who are these commuters? Your city, town and county employees; your children’s teachers; the barista who serves your coffee; ditto for most of the carpenters, plumbers and electricians who service your homes.